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CCMR3 Improves Customer Experience and Achieves 100% Coverage on Call Audits With Prodigal’s ProVoice


CCMR3, a premier accounts receivable management company, is excited to announce a partnership with Prodigal. Prodigal is a software company whose technology is pioneering collection intelligence and will allow CCMR3 to achieve 100% coverage on call audits and compliance automation using its machine learning platform, ProVoice.

“Automated call scoring and highly customizable tags on the ProVoice platform are ground-breaking in the Accounts Receivables Management industry,” said Jacob Corlyon, CEO of CCMR3. “Our team is able to monitor all customer interactions to ensure every exchange meets our empathetic, people-first approach and standard”, he added.

ProVoice utilizes proprietary machine learning models to evaluate 100% of call center agents’ interactions. This helps compliance teams save 90%+ of their time conducting audits.

The Accounts Receivables Management (ARM) industry ensures that consumers and small businesses who pay their respective outstanding debt(s) on time have access to credit at affordable interest rates. It continues to be the cornerstone in the credit ecosystem and a major influence behind credit availability to consumers in the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

Like every other industry during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ARM industry is also undergoing wide-scale digitization of core operations like debt collection. That, catalyzed by a fundamental shift in remote work, has driven companies like CCMR3 to employ next-generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to streamline their operations.

The ProVoice platform helps CCMR3 in maximizing the accuracy & effectiveness of compliance & quality assurance oversight. It also helps CCMR3’s customers find long-lasting payment solutions that put them on the path to financial success.

“With ProVoice, we can audit 100% of our customer interactions. It provides us with highly accurate operations analytics and insights that help us materially improve our QA efficiency. The platform is flexible, intuitive & easy to implement, and provides ROI from Day 1” said Joseph Conlon, Director of Operations, CCMR3.

The platform does this by capturing intelligence from every call interaction and provides an aggregated and searchable view into which parts of which conversations did or didn’t meet or include any number of pre-designed, configurable, and easily augmentable “tags”. As a result, its rapid assessment of 100% of customer conversations brings to light the specific conversations or themes that need immediate attention.

Forward-looking debt buyers are increasingly realizing the boundless potential of such powerful AI tools for efficient debt collection processes.

Excited by the adoption of ProVoice in healthcare collections, Prodigal’s CEO, Shantanu Gangal, said, “CCMR3 is a very forward-looking customer, and We are excited to partner with them as they set new standards for healthcare revenue cycle and collections. Prodigal continues to build superior automation products for the ARM industry, thanks to customers like CCMR3”.

With its powerful set of AI solutions, the team at Prodigal is determined to continue this success moving forward and help businesses in the Accounts Receivables Management industry recover debts and maximize revenue.

About CCMR3:

CCMR3 provides modern, technology-driven revenue recovery solutions, debt purchasing, and litigation services for enterprises that need engagement with empathy, experience with compliance, and excellence in revenue recovery. Leveraging state-of-the-art analytics and machine learning combined with a service-focused approach, CCMR3 helps organizations from a variety of industries protect their brands and improve their bottom lines. To learn more, visit and follow us on LinkedIn



CCMR3 Named on the Inc. Regionals List of Fastest-Growing Companies in the Northeast

Syracuse, NY – CCMR3, a leading provider of accounts receivable and collections services has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as a fastest-growing company in the Northeast region. The regionals list highlights the top 250 companies in each region in the United States that have demonstrated exceptional growth and performance.



CCMR3 Acquires HealthCare-I, L.L.C.

Syracuse N.Y.—CCMR3, a leading provider of accounts receivable and collection services, has acquired Healthcare-I, L.L.C. (HCI), a healthcare receivables management company.   HCI has specialized in healthcare debt recoveries, offering consulting services to business offices and insurance claims management. HCI is now a wholly owned subsidiary of CCMR3 and will continue to be operated as a…


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