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Bankruptcy Servicing

A bankruptcy filing does not have to mean that the opportunity to recover outstanding receivables is lost.
While creditors may still be able to collect despite a filing, successful bankruptcy collection requires extensive knowledge and specialized experience along with robust systems to manage the process. CCMR3 handles proof of claim filings, case tracking, litigation through a network of top bankruptcy attorneys, as well as funds disbursement. CCMR3 has assembled a team of bankruptcy experts to help our clients maximize recoveries and minimize their time investment on bankruptcy proceedings. Get started

Additional Solutions

CCMR3 can help you:

  • Reduce accounts receivable
  • Improve cash flow
  • Focus on your business
  • Protect your brand
  • Limit internal expense
  • Relieve administrative burden
Dan McSherry
Chief Financial Officer
Bankers Healthcare Group
"CCMR3's dedication to providing exceptional customer service and outstanding collection results have allowed us to originate more accounts to this portfolio, which will help to increase our revenues in the years to come. CCMR3 truly is a trusted partner; their attention to compliance, ethical behavior, and true understanding of the importance of our customer relationships set them above the rest. I highly recommend CCMR3 to any institution searching for a collection agency."
Daniel R. Nulton
Former President
Landmark Community Bank
"I have been in the Healthcare service industry for 30 years now, and I know the importance of great service. From moment one, the CCMR3 collections team did a phenomenal job protecting and representing our brand while disseminating an effective message to our patients regarding their delinquent account balances. They have literally become an extension of our brand and center. CCMR3 has already collected over 14% of the delinquent debts placed with them and the number keeps growing. We’re thrilled we chose CCMR3."
Lain Downs
Executive Director
The Centre P.C.
"CCMR3 is our collection agency of choice because of their ability to deliver results well above industry averages in a hassle-free, professional manner. In addition to successfully managing multiple large commercial loan portfolios for us, CCMR3 also provides collection consulting on staff training, best practices and technology recommendations. We expect this to have a huge impact on our internal collection results. I highly recommend CCMR3 to anyone looking for a collection agency or collection consultant."
Albert Crawford
Chairman & CEO
Bankers Healthcare Group

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New York City Residents:
The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs requires us to document your preferred language. Please note we do not offer language access services, and we will be communicating in English. Please provide us with your language preference. The NYC DCA provides a translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms in multiple languages on the Department's website, NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.

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